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Who am I? Here, let me tell you.

Welcome to my opinions about theatre. Who am I to have opinions? Here, let me tell you.

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

For those of you who have somehow never found your way to my website - hello! My name is Eva Nel Brettrager. I'm a semi professional horror author, a fully professional certified phlebotomist, and a full time theatre professional. I have acted, stage managed, directed, designed lights and sound, and done videography and marketing. I also have opinions. With as much writing as I do, I decided to start writing "reviews" which are more so just delightfully excited opinions about shows I've seen.

The review scene in Cleveland is fairly biased, and largely negative.

I am hoping that maybe by sharing my thoughts on shows I go to see as a patron and supporter, I can uplift some of my fellow theatre artists. I know, and you know that not every show you go to see is going to be perfect. That doesn't mean we have to crash and burn a production (or a person) by spewing such intense negativity about it. People tell me that I'm a pretty positive person, so I'm hoping I can share some of that positivity.

...I came with receipts.

Eva Nel Brettrager (they/them/theirs) Eva is ecstatic to be presenting opinion pieces of current theatre productions around NEOhio. Eva is a theatre professional as well, having worked with convergence-continuum, Blank Canvas Theatre, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, Beck Center, Breen Center, French Creek Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, CVLT, and Tri-C West as an actor, director, stage manager, lighting designer, sound designer, playwright, and marketeer. Eva hopes to continue directing and one day have a full length stage play produced here in town. Bring on the critics. Thank you for supporting live theatre. For more information, click here or here.

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